Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Been A While

...and I was thinking about posting something about music or writing or what I'm reading.  Something fun but then the bombs went off in Boston and those things no longer seemed as relevant today.

While I was walking to dinner it kind of hit me that we live in a tumultuous world filled with killing and anger.  I shouldn't have been thinking this.  It was 60 degrees and sunnier than it had been in nearly a week.  I had every reason to be happy my friends and relatives were all safe and my room mate's were fine as well, but I still felt a strange feeling in my heart.

I felt a kind of angry pity.  Why did people do this to each other?  Every day humans kill other humans.  We can try to define a reason why.  They're crazy, they want attention, they're religious nuts but I think it is much more simple.  I think that people are unhappy.  They are unhappy with their relationships, social standing, the world and the only way they know how to feel better is to make others more miserable than themselves.

Unhappiness has become an epidemic fueled by failed economies, a widening class gap, and a overall lack of voice.  For many people the world is spinning out of control.  They can no longer take care of themselves let alone their families and many feel that their lives have been ripped out from underneath them by powers beyond their control.  All of this breeds unhappiness.  It creates people that are angry and frustrated with nothing to lose and even less to gain.

This is why our world rumbles with the blasts of bombs and smells of blood.  This is why we hear more cries than laughter and tears spill more frequently than rain from the heavens.  This is why there are people who have fallen so low that their existence is measured by the fear and pain they inflict on others.  The bombs in Boston today are just another reminder of where our world is headed if we don't cure the disease of unhappiness that has infected humanity.

Let's choose happiness so that someday, maybe, no one has to feel the pain or sadness that was felt today.

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