Monday, November 10, 2014

Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

Season 8 of Doctor Who officially wrapped up Saturday night so I thought I'd give you my thoughts on the episode and the season in general.  Before you go on reading any further however I have to say that there are probably going to be SPOILERS in this post so if for some reason you haven't watched the whole season I would advise you to read no further.

First I want to say that this entire season was so good (even though I think almost every season is amazing).  What made this season great was Capaldi and the way he changed the dynamics between the Doctor and his companions.  I have never seen any classic Who so this was my first experience with an older Doctor and I loved it!  The development of Clara also made this season fun to watch.  She became a fully formed character and not just a plot device.  I was afraid she was going to stay one sided and flat but this season really fleshed her out.

And it was Clara that made "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven" great to watch.  We got to see the full spectrum of her emotions and how far she would go for love.  I love the dream sequence at the beginning of "Dark Water".  We got to see the darkest parts of Clara, parts that we do not often see in companions.

Another part that I loved about this finale was Missy.  She was completely nuts and Michelle Gomez did an amazing job creating the character.  I feel like if I went back to watch the episode I would notice so many subtle additions to her character.  Missy was also slightly comical even if she was deranged and you couldn't help but hate her.  It was an interesting mix of feelings.

One thing I will say about the episode (and this is a major spoiler!) I wish we had gotten to know Danny a little more in previous episodes.  When Danny died I felt sad but only because Clara was sad.  I never felt like I was personally losing something, like I did when Rory died (again and again). I hope we will meet Danny Pink again because I think he has so much potential.  His final scene as a soldiers proves he's an incredible man.

Overall I thought the finale was great.  It had all the aspects of a Doctor Who finale with funny and extraordinarily sad bits.  Peter Capaldi once again delivered a great performance and I'm looking forward to seeing him next season. I cannot wait until the Christmas episode. The little scene at the end with Nick Frost as Santa Clause made me so excited for the Christmas episode.  Oh and this trailer today also amazing...

What did you think of the episode?  I know a lot of people are getting a little fed up with Moffat at this point, but I thought this season was actually one of his better seasons.  I'd love to know what you all thought.

ox Caitlin

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It's been a while.  I've been super busy lately.  It feels like school is eating me alive and graduate school decisions have to be made sooner rather than later.  Today I came across this video and it made me think about how I view myself and my perceived flaws. It is easily to get bogged down by our flaws.  For example, I've always disliked my nose.  It curves slightly to the right and whenever I look at myself in photos I cannot help but zoom into that tiny flaw.  In reality I'm probably the only person who really notices/cares but it still matters.

The video shows the stark difference between how children and adults perceive themselves.  The piece shows how much we judge our bodies and our minds for things we cannot control.  It made me realize how much adults critique their bodies while children are much more accepting.

I think the greatest message to be gained here is that we are capable of loving ourselves.  If we could only grasp on to the carefree attitude of childhood we can regain our ability to appreciate every aspect of ourselves.

Let me know what you think of the video?  I hope it made you rethink your own perception just a little bit.

ox Caitlin