Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I finished Insurgent a few days ago and I must say that I loved it!   This will not be a complete review but I definitely think that anyone who loves dystopian novels would love this book.  Overall it is fast paced and intense that has plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading and wanting more.

I thought the character development throughout the books was amazing.  Roth kept building on the characters original personalities so that we got to know them even better.  I especially liked getting to know Tobias, or Four.  He fleshed out more in my mind and I love him even more than I did before, if that is even possible.  I also must say that the relationship between Tris and Tobias is perfect.  It is not one of those picture perfect relationship but one filled with realistic hurtles which the characters must overcome.  

All in all, Insurgent has become one of my favorite books for 2012.  I felt myself holding my breath throughout its entirety and feeling every emotion that shook the characters.  This book is a must read in my opinion.


  1. SWEET! I'm getting ready to start the first one. I'm the 2nd one doesn't disappoint. :D

    The Bookish Co-op @ http://thebookishco-op.blogspot.com

    1. Yes, I definitely enjoyed the first one more but this one is still very good.