Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RTW: WiP Love List

Well its Road Trip Wednesday again.  I know I forgot last week but to be completely truthful I had no idea what to say about the topic.  I just do not read anything related to sports.  Anyway, if you don't know what Road Trip Wednesday is it is a blog carnival hosted by YA Highway.  Basically they ask a writing or reading related question and you can hop around to other blogs reading everyone's responses.  

This week's topic: What is your novel's "Love List"?

This was somewhat difficult because I have not written anything for my WiP in a long time.  It isn't that I don't want to write I just have ADD when it comes to ideas (something I addressed Monday here).  Hopefully this will make me get back to work on my WiP(s).  Before making this list I made sure I went ahead and read the post which inspired the question by Stephanie Perkins because I had no idea what a love list was.  It turns out that it is a very simple and fun activity that seems to ground your writing.  (Exactly what I need).

My WiP really does not have a title yet but I always make up titles in the end so that is fine.  It is set in a fantastic world where people can read minds.  Here is what I love about it.  
  • An independent girl with a hidden power
  • Mind reading
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • A sassy old woman healer who doesn't take "no" for an answer
  • Rooftop adventures
  • Dashing young lords with secret agendas
  • Underground societies
  • Fire
  • Mythical beasts 
  • Love
  • Kingdoms
  • A King you love to hate
  • Lavish clothing
  • Castles
This turned out to be so much fun!  Maybe I will do this more often.  I love how it gives you a way to show off what you have written without giving away your ideas.  I would love to see what everyone else has for a love list.  


  1. In my opinion, every book requires a character you love to hate! Good one!

    1. My thoughts exactly. What would we do without those lovably horrible villains? Without them there wouldn't be a story.

  2. Such a great list! I especially like: underground societies, dashing young lords..., lavish clothing, and a whole bunch more. This sounds really good! :)

    1. Yes, you can never get enough dashing young lords.

  3. I love sassy old woman, fire and underground societies. Sounds like a fun story.

    1. Thanks! The old woman is one of my favorite characters I have created.

  4. This sounds very intriguing! I'm a sucker for beautiful landscapes and dashing young lords. :)

    1. Thanks! They are pretty captivating.