Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little Update

Hey there.  I'm currently driving all over existence to get back to school so I thought I would leave you with a little update on Doctor Who.  I'll probably post some photos of the whole journey because I think it is a beautiful drive through northern New York.

Anyway I watched Doctor Who, for those of you that are wondering.  It was a wonderful episode, although I do love most of the episodes so that isn't saying much.  Peter Capaldi was brilliant but I have to say I was most pleased with Clara.  Up until this point her character development has been slow, if not nonexistent, but the show runners have finally stepped up her character.

I found this good quote that sums up Clara's development in this episode over at Literally Darling.
The article also states how Peter Capaldi will allow the character of the Doctor to change.  He is the oldest doctor since the reboot in 2005 and from Saturday nights show I can say that he is going to make a great doctor.

If you aren't in to Doctor Who, I can also say Literally Darling has some other great articles.  It's mostly millennials talking about things millennials will like to hear, but there are also some yummy recipes and some beauty stuff.  Overall, I'm pretty sure any young person could find something interesting to read on that site. 

Well I have to get driving but until next time

ox Caitlin

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