Saturday, August 23, 2014

Call the Doctor

Today is the day!

The new season of Doctor Who premieres today.  I'm a huge Doctor Who fan.  If you aren't as nerdy as I am, Doctor Who follows the adventures of an immortal alien who flies around in a spaceship called the Tardis.  He spends his time saving the universe with the help of his human companions.  It's a long running BBC show that began in 1963 but was cancelled in 1989.  It was revived in 2005 and has been going ever since.  This season there is a new doctor played by Peter Capaldi.  He's older than all of the new Who doctors, and I cannot wait to see the dynamic between Capaldi and his companion Clara, played by Jenna Coleman.

I know it's kind of nerdy, but are any of you Doctor Who fans?  If not and you're a sci-fi fan in need of a new show quite a few of the seasons are available on Netflix.  Just be careful.  You might get sucked in.

ox Caitlin


  1. Oh wow! I am also a huge Doctor Who fan - I have been watching this show since I was little! I like Capaldi as the new doctor in fact. I didn't like Oswin/Clara much beforehand though, when she was traveling with Matt Smith. But now that she s paired with Capaldi I have been liking her a lot more. The only thing I haven't liked so much are the episodes themselves - too much like old ones for me :3

    I wonder where this Missy idea is coming from though? There have been so many theories on the internet!

    What are your opinions?

    1. I also like Capaldi. I think he was a great choice and adds a refreshing new take on the Doctor (in regards to New Who). While the episodes are similar to the new ones I've actually liked them quite a bit. I think it is because Capaldi and Clara are different.

      I'm also wondering about the Missy thing and "heaven". I can't wait to figure out what is happening there. I hope this weeks Robin Hood episode is a good one!

      ox Caitlin