Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maine Summers

There really is no place like home.  I think we often forget how beautiful our own backyard can be.  Over the past year I have traveled around the world to some of the most unique and beautiful places but every time I come home I realize that no matter how lovely those places are, my home is pretty spectacular.

This past weekend I was out hiking with my family around Acadia National Park and it reminded me how much I love living in Maine.  With the moderate summers and the rocky coastlines Maine comes alive in the summer.  A beautiful view is only a ten minutes drive away and nature is right out my door. The more time I spend away from my home the more I fall in love.  Absence makes the mind grow fonder, after all.

Sometimes our homes are associated with work and stress.  We get bogged down in the every day and the routine that we don't spend the time to appreciate the world around us. I know it is hard to put everything down and enjoy the environment we live in, but sometimes it's helpful to take a day.  Just breathe for one day and enjoy your hometown.  Vacations are great but learning to take a good stay-cation without thinking about life is just as important.  If you are wondering what to do during a boring weekend take a moment to enjoy your hometown.  The experience will truly make you appreciate your home more than ever before.  Plus, you can reduce your stress level without spending tons of money and time traveling!

ox Caitlin

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