Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heading Through the North Country!

I thought I would give a quick update because I'm in the middle of traveling all over existence (really just Maine to New York).  This week my sister and I are both moving back to school marking the official end to summer.  Some part of me is feeling a little more nostalgic this year because I will probably never do this drive again.  While bringing my sister back we drove through Malone, New York.  If you've never been you're not missing much.  There is just a lot of cows and even more corn.  Some parts are pretty beautiful, though.  If you're in to sprawling country landscapes you should head up to the north country sometime.

On the way to Malone we always see a ton of windmills.  Entire farms will be covered in them.  Usually they are surrounded by acres of corn.  I believe the farmers rent out their land to the windmill companies (though don't quote me on that).

Some people think windmills are ugly.  Maybe it is just the biologist in me, but I think that anything that doesn't spew horrible gasious fumes into their air is not ugly.

I'm sorry for the reflections in these photos and I will spare you from the blurry pictures of some cows.  Basically this is the whole experience of the North country.  

I'm heading into my senior year (Ahh!).  Classes start Monday so I'm going to snatch up as much summer as I can before the work gets piled on.  If you're heading back to school I wish you the best of luck.  Now that I'm in my last year I kinda wish I could do it all over again. No matter how difficult school ever got it was never as scary as the future.  The real, adult future.

ox Caitlin

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