Saturday, August 30, 2014

Take Me Back to a Sunburned Country

One year ago I was headed to Boston to set off on the most amazing experience of my life.  Now that it's been a year I can say that I miss Australia more than ever.  It's normal to miss your abroad experience.  I never thought that I would miss my abroad experience more than I miss my own home.

Missing your abroad experience is more than missing the country itself.  It's missing the experience as a whole.  I went abroad with a group of people from my University and I stayed in a home stay.  Never again will I experience Australia with those same people again.  I will never spend days in the outback playing charades with my classmates or swimming around the great barrier reef with my professors and Australian professors by my side. I will never return to those specific moments with those specific people and that is a sad feeling.  There are times that I miss being abroad with people so much it hurts.

So if you're headed for an abroad experience this semester take the time to truly enjoy the experience because never again will you be in those exact moments with those people.  Try to remember small things like the bus ride home or the smell of your home stay.  Make sure you remember the moments when you spent bonding with your abroad friends over the experience.

I've never been in love but sometimes I think leaving my Australia experience was like falling out of love with someone.  It's painful because nothing will be the same but you cannot help remember the great moments with a smile on your face.

ox Caitlin

P.S.  I'll leave this little song here as a little piece of my Australian experience.

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