Saturday, January 17, 2015

Knitting Obsessions

Recently I've become a crazy knitting lady when it comes to hats! I've been knitting for a few years but I haven't tried my hand at any hats. To be honest, I wanted to knit hats for a while but I was afraid of knitting in the round. I had convinced myself that knitting in the round was super difficult.  Luckily, I live with probably one of the worlds greatest knitters and she convinced me that it was actually pretty easy.  

I find that it's much easier to learn a new stitch by watching someone rather than reading the directions.  By watching you can see how the yarn is held and where the needles are supposed to go.  I found this super simple tutorial on YouTube that you can check out if you want to give hat knitting a go. The pattern is knit in super bulky yarn which is a great for beginners and knits up quickly.

Since starting I have knit four hats. The first one is seen above and was for myself. It was mostly a tester hat so it fits a little strange but I love the color. The other three have been gifts for the holidays. For the most part these are all knit with the same basic pattern as the one I posted above.  I have started experimenting with different stitches to add more texture to the hat. 

At this point it probably takes me about four hours to start and complete a hat like the one above which is a much smaller time commitment than something like a scarf. If you get good enough to watch TV while knitting that's only an afternoon of Netflix, and let's be honest, you were going to bing watch Friends this weekend anyway. 

I hope if you're like me and think knitting in the round is daunting have no fear! It's much easier than you would think and at the end you will have a wonderful winter hat to keep you warm.

Good Luck!

oxo Caitlin 

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