Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some Pretty Snowy Shots

Per usual, my little school in upstate New York is getting dumped on. Probably not quite as badly as the "near apocalyptic" amount that New York city is supposed to get but we're still getting snow. Although I have to admit, coming from Maine I always feel as though people overreact way too much. Unless you experience the sudden eight feet which Buffalo experienced this past November you cannot complain.

While I was walking around I thought I'd get some photos of the snow because no matter how chilled to the bone we are I think it's still super beautiful outside. If only I had a pair of skies with me to trek across campus instead of slipping around in my boots.

I have a slight obsession with doors. I just love how beautiful they can be as an entrance into a space. So I couldn't help but take a snowy picture of this barn door.

If it's been super snowy by you I hope you were all tucked safely away in your homes until the storm finished. I know when I was out taking these photos I wanted to be under my blankets in my bed with a hot cup of tea.

oxo Caitlin


  1. I love that barn door picture! I llove snow pictures anyway but that one looks brill!

    Jen x

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