Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Week in Florida

I spent this past week in Florida on a much needed vacation from school. My family and I went down to Orlando where we did all the things that you should down there. We went to Harry Potter World, ate citrus candy, and sat by the pool for hours soaking up the sunshine. Here are some snapshots from the trip.

This is my sister and I at the airport before be learned that our flight would be delayed three hours. There is nothing quite like being stuck in a snow storm so close yet so far to 85 degree weather.

Day 1: Bok Towers

Day 2: Harry Potter World

If you are in Universal at all I completely recommend going to Harry Potter World. They did such a great job recreating everything and entering Diagon Ally is truly magical. I also highly recommend going on the escape from Gringotts ride first. The line goes pretty quickly and it wasn't too busy early in the day but it definitely got busier.

Day three was spent at Animal Kingdom and day four was spent hanging around the pool. I didn't take many photos but both days were truly amazing. It may seem silly but I have to say my favorite part about the entire trip was wearing shorts all the time. I completely forgot how great warm weather was. It reminded me of being in Australia.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! If you had or have a Spring Break enjoy every moment of your vacation!

oxo Caitlin

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