Wednesday, March 11, 2015

White Bird in a Blizzard Review

I have been watching a bunch of movies lately. It's really bad because I've been procrastinating on work almost every night this past week. Recently I watched White Bird in a Blizzard on Netflix. I mostly decided to watch it because Shailene Woodly is the main character. I also saw the trailer at one point and it looked weirdly intriguing.

The movie wasn't bad. A little weird but not bad. The film takes place in the late 80s and follows Kat Connors. She lives with her slightly awkward father and theatrical mother until her mother suddenly disappears one day out of the blue. The rest of the movie follows Kat as she deals with her mother's disappearance during her last years of high school and into college. The movie slowly gives us glimpses into the past until the end when the secret of the mother's disappearance unfolds.

The acting throughout the movie was alright but the dialogue was stifled and awkward at times. Shailene did a great job portraying Kat. What I enjoyed the most about her character was the subtle hints that she is like her mother. These added depth to the character that I don't think you often see in movies. I ended up liking the character quite a bit. It was refreshing to see a character develop pretty normally after the disappearance of her mother.

The ending was well done. I was not expecting the big reveal at the end. The only thing I will say is I wish the writers had devised a better way to show the ending without having it be a flashback. I think it would have made a better statement if Kat had been in the final scene.

Overall this was a good film. If you like mystery films like Gone Girl, I think you would like this. It has the layers of crazy that add suspense to the film. It also leaves you guessing. I was totally surprised by the ending and that says something good about the film.

Have you watched any interesting movies lately?

oxo Caitlin

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