Saturday, March 28, 2015

Things You Only Notice When Your Flight is Delayed

I've been a pretty lucky flyer considering the nearly 10 flights I took last year to fly around the globe went rather smoothly. I know there are people who have absolute horror stories about week long delays in layover cities so I can't really complain but last week I did have the pleasure of staying an extra four hours in the Manchester airport watching it snow while I waited for my flight to sunny Florida. During that time I noticed some of the weird thing that occur at the airport when your flight is delayed and is the last flight out for the night.

1. The news has an end. I know it doesn't seem possible that the reporters could ever finish making misguided assumptions about what's really going down in the Middle East or Ferguson. Eventually they will even bring up ebola briefly before they finally can find nothing else to pretend to care about. 

2. When #1 occurs CNN will probably play some religious documentary. At this point many of your fellow delirious travelers will become far to invested in the shroud of Jesus. 

3. You will spend time watching people trickle up to the counter to try and haggle some information from the women standing at the check in desk. They will probably be rude and she will be exasperated. Next time you're travel doesn't go as planned try to be a little nicer to these women. They're job must be so difficult.

4. If you don't go up to the women at the check in desk you will spend countless hours watching her every move and waiting for her to pick up the intercom.

5. The night shift ground crew are a whole new species of human being. They are a rugged, bearded, and gruff group of individuals who are calloused with the countless freezing hours standing outside doing whatever it is the ground crew do. I'm sure they have their own secret society or something.

6.  Airport food is really bad...and really expensive. It's like they have figured out that you are trapped inside this building and they are going to get you for everything that you've got. Eventually you're hunger will win out and you will buy the $6 dollar stale bagel and watered down coffee.

7. At some point you will get so tired of sitting at the gate you will find yourself wishing they would just cancel your flight so you can sleep in some stuffy hotel room for the night. Maybe trying again tomorrow wouldn't be so bad.

Have you noticed anything strange while waiting to catch a plane? I'd love to add it to the list!

oxo Caitlin

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