Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mockingjay Trailer!

Yesterday the trailer came out for the third Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay, and if you cannot tell I am super excited!

I read the first Hunger Games book in high school.  It was probably right around the time that the books started getting popular. The series marks the beginning of my dystopian novel obsession and the books are always on my reread list (right up there with childhood favorites like Harry Potter and Narnia).

I thought the first movie was a great representation of the book. Usually, I love the book better than the movie but I can honestly say that the Hunger Games movies have been almost as good as the books.  So far, the Hunger Games movie series has succeeded in being a good adaptation.  The movie have given the story a breath of life.  They have created a depth that cannot be seen on the page. Great movie adaptations, while they may not be a perfect transcript of a novel, will add to the story in ways that the media of writing cannot.

These movies have a perfect combination of great writing and great acting that allow the story to come alive.  The right scenes are chosen and adapted for the screen so that the audience can experience the novels in a whole new way.  I hope this continues in this installment.

I do wonder why the directors decided to split this into two parts.  Clearly this will provide more profit for the movies but I hope that it gives the creators more time to draw out important areas of the plot. They could take more time for character development, which is always a good idea.

Well I think I've gushed enough.  Here is a look at the new trailer if you somehow managed to avoid it during your travels through the internet.

It just looks so awesome.  I mean they are using arrows to shoot down fighter jets! The release date for the movie is November 21, 2014.  So I know what I'll be doing over Thanksgiving break but what will you being doing?

ox Caitlin

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