Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Hobbies

I think everyone enjoys getting new things. The very fact that we live in a consumer society makes this abundantly clear. It's even better when that item can be used for a long period of time and bring you happiness every time you pick it up.

Recently I've been wanting to find a new hobby. Hobbies are incredibly fun and they also give you something to work toward. They're also a good conversation starter. I've been wanting to learn to play the ukulele for a while now but haven't sprung to buy it until just this week. I used to play the piano pretty regularly, but I don't have a keyboard in my room and the music hall is a bit of a walk from my house this year.  I wanted something quick and small that I could pick up and play whenever.

I decided to buy a soprano ukulele, they're the smallest ones that most people think of when they see a ukulele.  I got a mahogany Makala for just over $50 on Amazon. Everything that I have read has said that $50 should get you a pretty good starter ukulele. Anything less than that and the sound might be funny or it may not hold it's tune.  Of course if you're ready to take the plunge and get something more expensive there are many beautiful brands to choose from. I just wasn't ready to put that much stake in a new instrument. 

I'm so happy I finally sprung and bought this little instrument. It has been so rewarding to learn to play and sing along, although I must confess I'm not the greatest singer. So, if you're thinking about picking up a new hobby I totally recommend you get started. You feel such a sense of accomplishment when you finally learn how to do the littlest things!

oxo Caitlin

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