Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Happenings: Uno, movies, and food what more could you want?

This weekend was quite a bit of fun. I was out with friends on Friday night when I enjoyed a intense game of Uno and celebrated at the 100 days until graduation party. (A party punctuated with music from the past including Hilary Duff and some other oldies that bring me right back to those awkward seventh grade dances).

I've been practicing playing my new ukulele like crazy this weekend. Yes, I just bought a ukulele and I will probably talk about it in more detail later on in the week but here is the picture of my sweet little soprano in the mean time.

One of my housemates just finished her honors exam and I made her a lovely batch of snickerdoodles yesterday.  They were completely awesome morsels of cinnamon goodness.  If you want the recipe it's over here! 

I also spent Saturday watching Jupiter Ascending. I know there have been quite a few bad reviews and I have to say some of what they are saying is true. The dialogue was pretty painful during certain points of the film which was disappointing. On the other hand, the world building was amazing, the alien costumes and makeup were awesome, and the concept of the plot was cool. You could tell that the writers and directors were super excited to showcase their world but I think sometimes that was at the expense of the story.  Still if you're looking for something action packed and some super pretty, exotic landscapes I would go see the movie. It was still fun to watch even if some parts were a little cheesy.  

Also on the menu this Sunday was lovely little concoction of tea and an egg sandwich. You know what is the best mixture? Eggs and pesto. Really you have to give it a try. And because this post has become completely about food I will also say that I'm making chili tonight. Chili is probably my number 1 comfort food. It's warm, spicy and perfect for a snowy day.

oxo Caitlin

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